making innovation happen, together



For over 70 years our research method has established a string of successes. Right from our first discovery – a new method to produce getters by means of nickel covers protecting barium plastics to prevent oxidation – SAES has been synonymous with innovation.

Our method combines a market-pull approach and a technology-push one, picking up the market’s demands and continuously creating value through research.

We are deeply connected to our clients’ needs and nurture important relationships with research institutes and key players: clients, partners and suppliers. Our model thrives upon a collaborative and open-minded vision, and is strategically rooted in technological diversification. As of 2004 we have decided to invest in and reinforce historic technologies as well as develop Shape Memory Alloys, becoming a recognised benchmark in the sector and the first global producer of SMA components and materials for industrial use.

SAES is also synonymous with evolution. Besides the more traditional metallic getters, We’ve been developing over the past ten years a new generation of materials tailored for gas management: the functional polymer composites. And we are now ready to innovate also the flexible plastics market through the introduction of functional coatings for the active packaging.