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SAES RIAL Vacuum S.r.l.

Lainate (MI), January 29th 2016


SAES Group announces the establishment of a new company, SAES RIAL Vacuum S.r.l.

SAES RIAL Vacuum S.r.l.  has the mission to design and manufacture state of the art, high quality vacuum components and integrated systems for accelerators, research systems and industrial equipment.


SAES RIAL Vacuum origins from a synergistic pact between

  • SAES Getters S.p.A., a worldwide leader in the production and development of pumps and innovative getter solutions for ultra-high vacuum for research, accelerator facilities and industry
  • RIAL VACUUM RESEARCH (trade mark of RODOFIL), specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment, vacuum components, ultra- high vacuum systems and cryogenic equipment
  • RODOFIL SNC, specialized in precision machining using wire and sinker EDM, CNC milling and turning, advanced manufacturing techniques.

The newly established Company combines, at the highest degree, SAES Getters skills in material science, vacuum technology and innovation with experience of design, assembly and hi-tech mechanical machining of RIAL and RODOFIL to provide excellent products and quality.

For these reasons, SAES RIAL Vacuum is uniquely positioned to offer competitive advantages to the vacuum community, as well to support customer’s innovation through its technological know-how.


Hereinafter contacts details

SAES RIAL Vacuum S.r.l.
Via Tito ed Ettore Manzini, 7/a
43126 PARMA
C.F. / P.IVA 02781830340
tel. +39 0521 949311- Fax +39 0521 949300


Contacts for Commercial Info and Quote:

Dr. Paolo Manini
Chief Commercial Officer
M. +39 335 737 5507