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A high moisture capacity filler, that does not need any curing nor activation processes. Used in rigid devices (e.g. OLED lighting modules) to fill the internal volume. It is a medium viscosity, not curable dispensable dryer, suitable for many different device architectures.


ZetaFill HC can be deposited in the free volume of the device, filling the free space. It works immediately as an irreversible moisture getter. For this reason, deposition has to be carried out under nitrogen or dry air atmosphere. Apply via blading or dispense by syringe on the desired surface. Curing is not necessary.



  • High capacity filler to ensure long life time to electronics/photonics devices
  • Designed to stay in direct contact with the sensitive parts of the device
  • Compatibility also with ODF production process
  • Medium viscosity gel, no curing




  • Active Matrix OLED displays
  • Passive Matrix OLED displays
  • OLED lighting systems
  • Semi-hermetically encapsulated electronics
  • Organic photovoltaic devices
  • Sensors
  • OFETs
  • Flexible organic devices