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Quality, Environment, Safety & Ethics

Quality, Environment, Safety & Ethics

The Saes strives to provide customers with hi-tech top quality products and services.

All the Group factories are certified according to proper ISO/DIN standards related to their own business field.

Quality excellence at SAES also results in vertical integration of the production processes. This allows the Group to optimize product quality and to apply a closer cost control policy, while facilitating the development of innovative products and processes which are respectful of the environment and of the natural resources conservation.

 Saes is well aware of its responsibility towards the community and the social and ecological environment in which it operates.For this reason, we have adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy addressing Labor, Health and Safety, Environmental and Ethical aspects. A special attention is dedicated to the responsible sourcing of minerals, which is regulated by Saes Conflict Minerals Policy.

The process approach is another distinctive mark of the Group’s Quality Management System. Structuring activities and related resources as a value-added process leads to improved performance, to consistent results and to the determination of clear responsibility in the managing of key activities.
The evaluation of risks, consequences and impact of activities on stakeholders, as well as a more effective human resources management can also be more consistently achieved through a process-structured activity.

SAES’ focus on the strategic value of total quality management shows in the continuous and attentive control of customer satisfaction, through adequate performance monitoring tools and in the responsive implementation of proactive quality policies based on the analysis results.

The Saes recognizes that the protection of the global environment is an essential social duty for all human beings in the 21st century and that a substantial role needs to be played for the conservation of Earth resources. The Group is aware that all industrial activities, products and services may have a potential impact on the environment and, for this reason, strives to achieve a sound and consistent environmental performance for all its products and processes.
All SAES’ companies are committed to developing advanced products, which exhibit safe and environment-friendly features by: restricting the use of environmentally hazardous substances in products, encouraging a responsible exploitation of all natural resources and promoting projects for waste material recycling.

To confirm Saes efforts in preventing pollution and minimizing environment impacts, while still pursuing the continual improvement of their business performance, the following Group's manufacturing facilities have been ISO14001 certified: SAES Getters SpA in Lainate (Milan) and Avezzano (AQ) units, Italy.