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About Healthcare

SAES and health: a commitment to save lives and improve their quality.

The health sector is one of the main areas in which SAES truly distinguishes itself in the field of innovation. Different medical appliances to save lives or improve their quality are built with SAES technologies. 

A first example is given by Advanced porous getters for X-ray tubes used in a wide variety of diagnostic imaging devices, such as computed tomography – CT, portable x-ray machines, mammography machines, c-arm x-ray machines, and fluoroscopy units.
The advanced getters allow to achieve very high vacuum level in the x-ray tubes and to assure stable and long term performances for the proper operation of the diagnostic systems.  

Another application is with NEG pumps.

Linear accelerators (LINAC) using NEG pumps built by SAES are used in cancer cell treatment therapies such as radiotherapy and hadrontherapy. Our technologies optimize their effectiveness by maximizing the impact on healthy tissues.

Through NEG pumps, such as CapaciTorr D400 and CapaciTorr D1000, linear accelerators may reach optimal vacuum in the chambers, enabling the bundle of particles to act at higher forces and thus allowing for a more effective treatment to take place. But there is more: the necessary vacuum may be reached in a shorter time interval, meaning an increase in the time-of-use of the medical appliance and consequently in the therapy’s potential.

In addition to linear accelerators, NEG pumps are used in many other areas: lab vacuum systems, thin films deposition systems, vacuum processing systems, analysis systems (SEM, TEM, FIB).