making innovation happen, together


Innovation is a lifestyle for SAES people, is the way we like to make business.  


SAES innovation scheme is flexible, versatile, fast.

Innovation Management is a complex, even well-structured process within the Group which is used to live either short-term innovation initiatives as well as medium to long term projects. Being a technology company, SAES is used to continuously grow and reshape its technology base to provide its customers a stream of new products, exploiting improved or new properties.


A close contact with the market provides the Corporate R&D several market-pull innovation proposals, while the large technology portfolio of the Group also enables the development of new products according to a technology-push approach.


Technology is grown and managed so that synergies among many different technical fields may be exploited and products targeting new applications may emerge. Diversification takes advantage of a very tight interaction between the Corporate R&D and SAES Business Development.

SAES usually establishes a very close relationship with its customers, its partners and its suppliers pursuing a co-development as well as a co-design approach.


A collaborative, open innovation model is often adopted by SAES to rapidly implement the best business model, looking for value creation and value sharing among partners.