making innovation happen, together

Technology is a mindset deeply embedded into the Saes , is a fluently spoken language to  speak with customers, with partners and with suppliers.
SAES technology is a living ecosystem, growing, changing, and breathing, tightly interconnected with our technology-intensive world.


SAES enjoys a very wide technology portfolio due to a long-standing experience in developing business through technological innovation. SAES core technologies, such as Metallurgy or Vacuum Technology and more recent technologies, such as Shape Memory Alloys and Polymer Matrix Composite Chemistry are heavily exploited towards new products targeting a huge amount of high tech applications.


The technology base is managed and expanded through a technology-intensive process played by the Corporate R&D in concert with the technical functions located at our subsidiaries and through a wide network of partners all over the world.


SAES constantly fuels the four main components of its technology portfolio that include competence, tools and methods to:

  • synthesize materials and products, ranging from the synthesis of bulk materials to thin films,
  • characterize materials and products, ranging from microscopic chemical and structural characterization of materials to functional characterization of products,
  • model, simulate, compute, design and optimize products,
  • engineer and rapidly turn a proof-of-concept into large-scale manufacturing of a product.