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Controlled Expansion Composites

Controlled Expansion Composites

Spectra-Mat, Inc. is a prime manufacturer of low expansion composite (LEC) components which provide thermal management solutions for sophisticated applications where high reliability and high performances are required.


Applying a forty-five year expertise in refractory material technology, Spectra-Mat is well positioned to respond to stringent requirements of the microelectronic, optoelectronic, photovoltaic, power electronics, aerospace, defense and medical industries.


Our Tungsten-copper and Molybdenum-copper possess the highest thermal conductivity available for these composites and ensure the expansion matching with the semiconductor compounds mainly used in the opto- and micro-electronic Industry.

Final Applications

  • High power semiconductor lasers
  • High brightness LED
  • Concentration photovoltaics  
  • RF and microwave devices
  • Power electronics


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