ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus


Matte, redefined

ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus provides a subtle and natural coverage, perfect for hiding skin imperfection with a soft-focus effect. Mattifies and evens skin tone. Additionally, it has an amazing high instant warming process effect in comparison to other ZeoSAES™ fillers.

Offers improved compacting properties compared to silica.

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  • Zeolite


  • Engineered Zeolite


  • Fine powder Non-Nano
  • X90 volume distribution: <30 μm
  • Cumulative particle number distribution >0.1 μm: >99.99%


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Amazing high instant warming process effect

Thanks to its distinctive surface features and internal architecture, ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus provides an enjoyable warming effect upon contact with the skin, which can be exploited within cosmetic formulations.

*No size and shape modification due to oil absorption

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ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus boosts the mattifying and soft focus effect allowing a faster application and reducing imperfections on the skin. Additionally it helps the final setting of the make-up application.

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5X6006 ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus – Product Brochure

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5X6006 ZeoSAES™ Soft Focus – Material Safety Data Sheets

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