Pioneering the future of high-purity and high performance chemistry solutions and ingredients.

Delivering what consumers demand – great performance from high purity products, made with clean chemistry. Leveraging on decades of expertise we develop new materials through our specialty chemicals platforms.

Unleashing the unique performances of specialty zeolites

Our proprietary platforms, ZeoSAES™ and SAESBeads™, open limitless opportunities, with hundreds of tuned compositions. Whether it is breakthrough protective formulations for consumer electronics, high barrier packaging, antibacterial additive for water-based coatings, or a high-performance UV booster for cosmetic formulations.

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Technological Platforms

SAES Getters | SaesBeads™


Zeolites are biologically neutral, aluminosilicate porous and non-toxic materials to the extent that they can be considered new biomaterials for medical applications. Zeolites are engineered by applying clean chemistry procedures where semi-dry processes are implemented without using toxic solvents or hazard chemicals. Product reproducibility is verified through a fine control of relevant characteristics as particle size and shape, loss on drying, surface charge, colour stability, crystallinity, surface area, Si/Al ratio ensuring full compatibility to other ingredients in creating innovative formulations.

Fine chemistry in our heart, science in our hands

SAES Chemicals excels in manipulating key material parameters to achieve specific functionalities and performance. This expertise is complemented by the ability to control chemical processes, enabling a seamless transition from lab-scale research to pilot-plant scale-up, and ultimately to full industrial production with a capacity of 100 Ton per year.




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High purity and high performance

Mastery in Material Science and Process Control

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Materials Science

We exploit a proprietary process where a controlled evolution of materials nuclei and their growth is adopted to form a variety of new capsules and beads structures. Profiting from a right combination of pure materials, new systems are transformed though deep control of particles sizing and shaping, enabling the integration of innovative functionalities in final formulations.

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Surface Chemistry & Modification

We deal every day with surface chemistry to control particles stability and to modulate their compatibility bringing new life into the field of composite materials and formulations. The deliberate post-synthesis manipulation of additive particles’ surface chemistry offers the versatility to adjust the material’s affinity, from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, enhancing its functionality.

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Encapsulation & Controlled Release

Leveraging zeolite pore structures and core-shell polymer capsules, we offer tailored encapsulation methods. This approach, adaptable to different guest molecules and application requirements, enables either stabilization or controlled release of functional molecules.

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Dispersion & Formulation

SAES Chemicals tailors additives for optimal distribution in various matrices, meeting specific application requirements. Custom dispersions, formulations, and masterbatches are provided upon request to suit unique customer needs.

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In-Cosmetics Latin America

Join us at In-Cosmetics Latin America, discover our range of products and unleash your cosmetic formulations with ZeoSAES™. Each product with multiple beneficial properties.



In-Cosmetics Korea

With over many years of innovation, 14 patents, and a commitment to high quality, SAES Chemicals, a division of SAES, is contributing its share of innovation to beauty and personal care. Its versatile zeolite solutions, selected from more than 200 types, are customized for a wide range of applications and now, particularly to meet the demanding requirements and innovation of the beauty and personal care market. Explore our offerings: ZeoSAES™ Texturizer, Whipped, Soft Focus, and the groundbreaking UV Booster, designed to be versatile and innovative. Redefining the future of beauty and personal care ingredients, with us!



In-Cosmetics Global

Join us at In-Cosmetics! Discover SAES Chemicals’ ZeoSAES™, our cutting-edge solution for the cosmetics industry. Dive into our world of high-purity, inorganic, non-nano, and non-toxic ingredients at booth #1V118. Our ZeoSAES™ line is designed to enhance formulations with benefits such as improved texture, enhanced sensory experience, visual modification, and UV booster. Redefining the future of beauty and personal care ingredients, with us!

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