Fostering performance through advanced clean chemistry solutions

Delivering what consumers demand – great performance from sustainable products, made with clean chemistry. With the use of specialty zeolites and beads, it is possible to load products with functional active ingredients without compromising their organic nature.

Unleashing Customized Material Functionalities

SAES Chemicals, at the forefront of materials science, specializes in fine-tuning material properties to achieve specific functionalities. We are passionately pioneering the future of clean chemistry and developing innovative material solutions, particularly in functional zeolites and beads, along with core competencies in manufacturing of additives, surface modification, encapsulation, and controlled release.

Targeting industries like Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Paint & Coatings, and Adhesives & Sealants, SAES Chemicals leverages specialized platforms, ZeoSaesTM and SaesBeadsTM, to deliver sustainable, precise and advanced solutions.

Technological Platforms

SAES Getters | ZeoSaes™


SAES Getters | SaesBeads™


Advanced Chemicals Know-How

SAES Chemicals excels in manipulating key material parameters to achieve specific functionalities. This expertise is complemented by the ability to control chemical processes, enabling a seamless transition from lab-scale research to pilot-plant scale-up, and ultimately to full industrial production. Such capabilities allow SAES Chemicals to provide a comprehensive and versatile chemical technology platform, adept at delivering material solutions that precisely meet customer needs.

Mastery in Material Science and Process Control

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Additives Manufacture

The technology platform integrates a variety of chemical processes for the production of metal oxides, zeolites, and polymer beads. This platform excels in achieving targeted particle sizes with stringent control over particle size distribution, ensuring high precision in the final product.

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Surface Modification

The deliberate post-synthesis manipulation of additive particles’ surface chemistry offers the versatility to adjust the material’s affinity, from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, enhancing its functionality. Our approach includes a broad spectrum of specific surface moieties, enabling easier dispersion in various matrices by improving compatibility.

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Encapsulation & Controlled Release

Leveraging zeolite pore structures and core-shell polymer capsules, SAES Chemicals offers tailored encapsulation methods. This approach, adaptable to different guest molecules and application requirements, enables either stabilization or controlled release of functional molecules.

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Dispersion & Formulation

SAES Chemicals tailors additives for optimal distribution in various matrices, meeting specific application requirements. Custom dispersions, formulations, and masterbatches are provided upon request to suit unique customer needs.

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Under the patronage of: -Italian Chemical Society (SCI) -SCI Division of Industrial Chemistry -National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM) SAES is proud to announce a Workshop on Functional Additives, Recent Advances in Research and Industrial Applications. The workshop will be held on October 12th in SAES Getters S.p.A. Headquarters in Lainate (MI).



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