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Paints & Coatings

Diverse Roles of Coatings and Paints

The vibrant coatings and paints industry underpins many global sectors. It spans from architectural coatings for buildings to industrial ones for machinery and infrastructure. Then there are automotive coatings for vehicles, marine coatings for ships, and more, available in varied forms like liquid paints and specialty coatings.

Innovative Additives from SAES Chemicals

The march towards environmental sustainability is driving the need for formulations with reduced VOC content.

SAES pioneers in crafting functional additives suitable for water-based and solvent-free dispersions. These adapt well even in reactive polymer systems such as polyurethanes and acrylates.

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Specialized Coatings for Healthcare and more

Within settings like healthcare facilities, there’s a demand for unique coatings. These coatings, imbued with antimicrobial properties, ensure high hygiene standards. To meet this need without hazardous substances like metal ions, novel biocidal additives are essential.

SAES additives not only contribute to improved environmental health by interacting with harmful molecules, but they also bring anti-counterfeiting and security features to coatings and inks.