Redefining the future of beauty and personal care ingredients

We deliver high-purity, non-nano and non-toxic ingredients with unmatched functionalities to power performance and clean skincare, makeup and personal care formulations.

Texture and experience modifier ingredients

ZeoSAES™ platform allows to create the most sensorial and high purity texturizing inorganic ingredients derived from engineered zeolites to elevate formulations. By tailoring the optimal particle sizes, modifying surface to induce affinity and ensuring the highest purity, we can reach unique performances and multifunctional solutions.

UV Boosting Ingredients

The first speciality zeolites based UV-Boosting ingredient designed to boost makeup and skincare formulation providing an excellent UV boosting effect scattering UVA&UVB rays and allows to reduce UV chemical filter quantity in formulation. It also combines sensorial application on skin thanks to texturizing properties.


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