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Our commitment to sustainability starts from our materials.

Our materials are created to perform extraordinarily and to protect people and the Planet. From clean chemistry to compostable packaging, our commitment is to sustainable innovation. Processes are continuously developed and reinvented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and 100% of our purchased electricity comes from renewable sources. All facilities are designed to reduce CO2 impact according to a life-cycle costing (LCC) policy and the environmental management system has been ISO 14001 certified since 1999. In addition to this, all packaging used for packing and shipping is recyclable and the paper used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

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Quality for us is a requirement. To provide maximum quality it is necessary to focus on details throughout all the value chain of our products.

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People thrive in positive environments. This is why we give our full commitment in supporting the growth of a healthy and sustainable environment, both in and out of our company walls.

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We view safety through various lenses: in our materials for production and use, for our employees while working and for building a suitable lifestyle and, lastly, for our planet, to assure its preservation.

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We are innovation at its core. We will never be compromising in innovation and research, as it is the key to doing things better, always.

Being a material company, innovation is in our DNA and everything is constantly evolving. This always pushes us to improve.

We collaborate with innovators from around the world and in diverse industries, we endlessly research and test new applications of advanced materials, and we are constantly evolving. Transparency is a core value for us, we publicise environmental impacts using GRI standards and promote environmental and social sustainability with all suppliers. We adopt the most stringent standards of our customers, which enabled us to join Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy programme, which together with the 110 companies involved saves 15 million tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis.

Materials are in our DNA, but people are in our heart.

The well-being of all teams is a priority in an environment focused on scientific innovation. To pursue deep goals, the right time and space is needed. With smart working and flexible hours we allow people to balance their professional goals with personal well-being. Our facilities are constantly evolving to be state-of-the-art not only in our laboratories and production sites, we offer a gym, a five-a-side football pitch and tennis court, and a canteen with menus tailored to calories and intolerances.

We encourage sustainable mobility with charging columns for electric and plug-in hybrid cars and a portal for public mobility subscriptions and shared vehicles. We promote a zero-accident culture and offer the Health is Wealth programme for telemedicine and insurance policies.

We support and advocate causes we care about.

ISO Certifications

SAES is committed to delivering safe products and cutting-edge services. All production sites within the Group adhere to industry and applicable ISO standards, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every business domain.

The effective management of all resources and activities within the SAES Group is ensured through ongoing risk assessment as a preventive measure and analysis of the needs of all stakeholders. The objective is to maximize value creation and foster the spread of a culture centered on environmental stewardship, safety, and ethics.

The Group’s Quality Management System is built on principles such as a process-oriented approach, vertical integration, prevention, and the virtuous cycle of continuous improvement to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of customers. This same approach extends to SAES’ commitment to environmental protection, minimizing the use of natural resources and hazardous substances in our products and production processes. We advocate recycling over disposal and promote ecologically designed products based on the life cycle thinking approach.

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ISO Policies

Sustainability Policies

SAES is continuously developing a framework of policies in different fields related to ethics sustainability. We have specifically focused our attention on the responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals and Cobalt and on the respect of animal well-being.