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ResearchLab is a corporate function that focuses on scientific breakthroughs achieved through long-term research efforts. Its research activities serve as a turning point within the fields of Fine Chemistry and Materials Science, aiming to create lasting competitive, cognitive, and economic value through the development of innovative technological platforms. With a commitment to pioneering excellence, ResearchLabs continues to drive radical innovation, shaping the future of materials science.

SAES Getters | specialty-zeolites

Specialty Zeolites

A flexible platform of functional zeolite frameworks prepared through sustainable, low-energy processes. These frameworks offer tunable properties such as pore size, chemical composition, and surface chemistry, enabling unique features for hosting and carrying functional molecules.

SAES Getters | beads-_-capsules

Beads & Capsules

Our proprietary process creates structures with unique properties, utilizing the characteristics of wall membranes and core materials functionalities. Deep control over particle size and shape allows for the integration of diverse functionalities in innovative applications.

SAES Getters | formulations


Our expertise in macromolecular chemistry and nanotechnology enables the development of a diverse range of polymer-matrix nano-composites. These innovative formulations encompass dispensable getters, active sealants for electronics encapsulation, barrier coatings, and adsorbing lacquers for flexible packaging.

SAES Getters | getters-alloys

Getter Alloys

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in physical metallurgy, vacuum metallurgy, and powder metallurgy, we specialize in the development of binary and ternary getter alloys. These alloys are specifically designed for efficient gas gettering in various vacuum applications.