Sustainability and functionality,
no trade-offs

Redefine the standards for modern packaging, balancing eco-design with scientific innovation.

Born from years of experience in the field of advanced packaging

SAES Packaging develops and provides technological solutions for modern packaging and does so by leveraging its scientific expertise and assets on multiple levels:

  • Expertise in the synthesis and formulation of advanced functional materials;
  • Ability to provide lacquers and coated systems ranging from gas barrier to active coatings;
  • Laboratory services to support the entire packaging supply chain in the design and validation of innovative and advanced solutions for sustainable packaging.
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The Future: No Compromises, Just Solutions

In the evolving landscape of packaging, there’s no room for trade-offs between sustainability and functionality. As the importance of protective packaging grows, especially for perishable goods, the challenge is clear: reduce environmental impact without compromising protection. SAES Packaging is at the forefront of this revolution, ushering in an era of advanced packaging solutions.

By synthesizing and formulating advanced functional materials, providing a spectrum of coatings from gas barriers to active layers, and supporting the entire packaging supply chain with laboratory services, we’re not just envisioning a sustainable future—we’re building it.

The key role of food packaging is to protect the quality of the product

The United Nations estimates that each year about one-third of the food produced, or 1.3 billion tons, worth about $1 trillion, ends up in the trash. As the global community rallies behind the sustainable goal to halve this food wastage by 2030, the focus sharpens on the packaging of perishable items like cheese and meat. The challenge is multi-dimensional: while the environmental footprint of packaging must shrink, its protective efficacy cannot be compromised. After all, the ramifications of shortened shelf life aren’t just financial; they exacerbate environmental strain, outweighing benefits like enhanced recyclability. It’s clear that in the realm of food packaging, the balance between sustainability and functionality isn’t negotiable—it’s imperative.

SAES Getters | The-key-role-of-food-packaging-is-to-protect-the-quality-of-the-product

The role of advanced packaging

Across a multitude of products, there’s an inherent need for shielding against external conditions while simultaneously managing their internal environment. Modern advanced packaging technology steps up to this challenge, integrating vital features such as gas barriers, oxygen eliminators, and other active mechanisms. These innovations not only sustain but optimize the internal conditions, ensuring the longevity and quality of the packaged content.

SAES Getters | The-role-of-advanced-packaging
SAES Getters | Active-Coating

Active Coating

Ensures specific interactions with the package’s internal atmosphere and monitors packaging functionality throughout the product’s lifecycle.

SAES Getters | barrier-coating

Barrier Coating

Extends product shelf life with a focus on recyclability and compostability of the final packaging.