Sustainability and functionality,
no trade-offs

Redefine the standards for modern packaging, balancing eco-design with scientific innovation.

Born from years of experience in the field of advanced materials

SAES Packaging develops and provides technological solutions for advanced packaging and does so by leveraging its scientific expertise and assets on multiple levels:

  • Expertise in the synthesis and formulation of advanced functional materials
  • Ability to make formulations and coated film ranging from gas barrier to active coatings
  • Laboratory services to support the entire packaging supply chain in the design and validation of innovative and advanced solutions for sustainable packaging
  • Offering advanced high-barrier solutions to the flexible packaging industry and comprehensive customer support through its subsidiary, SAES Coated Films
SAES Getters | pilot-line


SAES Packaging is specialized in the formulation, manufacturing and deposition on flexible substrates of water-based functional coatings for high-performance products:


  • Expertise in waterborne approach that enabling us to substitute traditional solvents, thereby reducing harmful emissions, enhancing safety, and improving the global environmental impact
  • Mastery on Roll-to-Roll (R2R) technology for High-speed, large-scale production and continuous reproducibility of thin coated flexible systems
  • High quality thin metal and oxide layers depositions with Roll-2-Roll vacuum deposition machine


SAES Packaging offers R&D support for the development of tailored solutions for both special and standard applications through:

  • R&D service for industrial partnerships
  • R2R pilot line machine service for coating and lamination scaling-up
  • State of the art Laboratory
  • Wide range of analytical techniques

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