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Advanced Materials for Industrial Applications

SAES Industrial is the production division of SAES specializing in advanced materials for industrial applications across various sectors including medical, automotive, photonics, renewable energy, and vacuum systems.

The division comprises three technological units: Shape Memory Alloys, Getters & Dispensers, and Thermal Management. Each unit leverages decades of R&D expertise to deliver advanced materials optimized for complex industrial applications.

SAES Getters | Know-how-in-metallurgical-science-and-technology

Know-how in metallurgical science and technology

SAES Industrial boasts over sixty years in advancing metallurgical science and technology, underpinned by a profound understanding of physical metallurgy principles, gettering mechanisms, and advanced simulations of phase diagrams and solidification processes. This expertise is crucial in rapidly designing and selecting new alloy formulations.

Our rich history in vacuum metallurgy encompasses both arc melting and vacuum induction melting. Similarly, in powder metallurgy, we excel in milling, sieving, classification, mixing, screen printing, and sintering technologies. Notably, our sintering processes, whether under high vacuum or inert atmospheres, are adept at controlling temperature and pressure (including hot uniaxial and cold isostatic pressing), enabling the creation of highly porous or fully dense sintered bodies.

SAES Getters | Design-synthesis-and-characterization-of-solid-state-inorganic-materials

Design, synthesis and characterization of solid-state inorganic materials

Solid-state chemistry, the realm of designing, synthesizing, and characterizing inorganic materials, is a cornerstone of SAES’s expertise. We specialize in managing complex solid-state reactions involving multiple solid phases. Mastery in this field demands an in-depth understanding of chemical compositions, structures, thermodynamic properties, and reaction kinetics.

Our approach to developing new materials and formulations is enhanced by exceptional skills in computational thermodynamics, housed within our Corporate R&D. Products like evaporable getters, mercury dispensers, and alkali metal dispensers are examples of products based on solid-state reactions that we may represent as: A(s) + B(s) → C(s) + D(g) where (s) stands for solid and (g) stands for gas.

Electron emission and controlled expansion thermal management

SAES’s Spectra-Mat, Inc has for over 60 years contributed to the latest advancements in microwave devices, linear accelerators and the x-ray tube industry.  Spectra-Mat’s technological base allows complete control over the entirety of the production process for dispenser cathodes, from tungsten receipt and powder sieving to definition of the temperature / power curve via individual part testing.  The engineering department supports the developments of new cathodes structures and shapes together with the possible addition to other components within the electron gun.

SAES’s Spectra-Mat also leads in producing low expansion composite (LEC) components for thermal management in high-reliability and performance-demanding applications. With decades of experience in refractory material technology, Spectra-Mat expertly meets the demands of the microelectronics and aerospace industry. Our tungsten-copper and molybdenum-copper composites offer unmatched thermal conductivity and tailored expansion compatibility with common semiconductor materials in opto- and micro-electronics.

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