Design inspired by Nature driven by Science.

DesignHouse is a research and design Lab on a mission to innovate by creating a bridge across the different disciplines that build SAES’ DNA. Connecting multiple fields. Challenging significant problems with original yet impactful solutions. Improving coexistence between Humans and the Planet.


SAES Getters | Tensornyte


Tensornyte is a composite material designed for AM, boasts extraordinary energy absorption and release properties, setting new performance standards in the realm of sports gear applications.


SAES Getters | DROD


DRO!D is the most compact yet powerful food vacuum device on the market. Designed, produced and assembled in Italy. The integrated design combined lightweight components, advanced materials and sensors allow it to reach the performance of devices up to 10x its size.

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SAES Getters | Nebula


Nebula is a miniaturized MAP technology device that can replace the atmosphere of a container with a special mixture of gas through refillable capsules. Nebula brings MAP technology at home for the preservation of food in the secondary shelf life.

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SAES Getters | GRID


GRID is an innovative, solar-powered UV disinfection solution. It harnesses solar energy to generate potent UV rays, featuring high-reflectance walls and strategically inclined UV sources, optimized for maximum efficiency and designed for superior portability.