Intellectual Property

Protecting our discoveries to protect our future

Our first value is research. Protecting our intellectual property is a crucial asset that enables us to maximize our ability to innovate. In our 70-year history we have deposited over 300 patents, with the latest years marking an average of about 10 inventions per year.

Enacting a ‘best practice’ approach to protect our intellectual property enables us to define stricter boundaries in terms of technological excellence, thus facilitating the creation of strategic partnerships with other companies, universities and research centres too. In addition, it allows us to be on the edge of innovation at all times.

Issued Patents by Countries

Registered and Unregistered Trademarks

History of SAES Patents

From the early fifties up to nowadays the company history and success are strongly linked with the capacity of continuously innovate.

Innovation for Saes encompasses both the capability to develop and continuously improve products as well as the capability to readily adapt to business changes and the courage, willingness and commitment to enter into new markets/applications, such as gas purification in the eighties, or shape memory alloy in these latest years.

This pattern can be readily observed by the following list of patents that could be considered milestones for SAES history: