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SAES Getters/U.S.A., Inc. Policy

SAES Getters/U.S.A., Inc. Policy


SAES Getters/U.S.A., Inc. designs and manufactures non-evaporable and evaporable getters.  In addition, it includes commercial and technical assistance for the above as well as for related products of SAES Getters Group.

Customer focus:

1- Satisfy, anticipate and wherever possible exceed customer needs by developing and implementing profitable and sustainable products that support technological innovation, in accordance with the rules of corporate responsibility, the applicable laws and  regulations and all other requirements that SAES Getters/U.S.A., Inc. will agree with stakeholders. Our goal is to support the growth of the getter market at the SUSA site by meeting or exceeding the SUSA Adjusted Budgeted EBITDA and Budgeted Sales with respect to the previous year’s result.  

Process approach:  

2- Develop an approach based on  "risk-based thinking" (way of thinking based on risk analysis) for effective and efficient organization processes definition and monitoring, where the key perfomance indicators are reviewed quarterly by the Top Management as part of the commitment to the continuous improvement program.


3- Promoting Environmental Protection by minimizing the use of natural resources and hazardous substances in products and production processes, encouraging recycling disposal, promoting the eco-design according to the life cycle thinking approach.

4- Internally supporting the growth of a strong spirit of innovation and attention to improving the quality of products, technologies and processes, with particular attention to the health and safety of employees, external workers and customers. Our Objectives are to maintain Cost of Poor Quality (CPQ)  and ISRC (Customer Satisifaction Index) at or below the specified targets.

Decisions based on factual data:

5- Support the development of a corporate culture strongly focused on prevention rather than correction and promoting decision- making based on data. 


6- Promote and develop human resources by conducting training at all levels. Develop succession plans in anticipation of key employee turn over.

Engagement of people & Relationship management:

7- Develop relations of solid cooperation with suppliers and stakeholders, with the goal of maximizing value creation, create mutually beneficial opportunities and to promote the diffusion of a culture Environmental Protection, Safety and Ethics.