Shaping future proof materials

We transform matter into advanced matter. The activation of advanced functions that makes materials future proof is only possible through scientific process.

Unlocking new extraordinary properties to impact products and people

We do not simply discover what the future might hold. We manipulate matter to generate new and extraordinary properties from the micro- and nanoscale. Scientific approach and innovation based on radical research are the drivers of our constant evolution. This is the meaning of futurizing materials.

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Sintered Porous Getter Alloy

Our Innovation Labs

Our research encompasses ecosystems focused on various disciplines.
With the aim of developing new materials and new applications and to improve sustainability and performance at the same time.

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The radical research division.

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The consumer innovations division.

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The high-tech hub for startup in materials science.

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Advanced materials built from the invisible

We develop advanced materials through the manipulation of raw matter.
Our processes originate from the world of invisibility, from the nanometric scale, but have applications in every sector, from particle accelerators to consumer electronics.
We are the invisible part that lies within every great project.

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70 years of innovation to achieve our commitment to sustainability

Our Sustainability

We bring something invisible but powerful to life

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Interview with Ginevra della Porta

“We are preparing for a future full of new challenges, focusing on solid technological and historical foundations. Our winning cards? Passion, people and open innovation.” Ginevra della Porta, Chief Innovation…

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Cinel for Elettra Synchrotron

On September 21st, 2022, Strumenti Scientifici Cinel S.r.l. signed a contract for the supply of a new turnkey imaging beamline, to be installed at Elettra Synchrotron in Trieste.

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Best wishes from FAI

SAES renews its support to FAI for 2022.