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The high-tech hub for advanced materials startups.

RedZone is a new way to grow deep-tech innovations. The place to craft the materials of tomorrow.
A program for scientists, engineers and inventors who dare to shape breakthrough innovations in materials science.

Innovation areas

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Smart Packaging

Materials and additives for active and intelligent packaging:
bio-polymers, paper, antimicrobial, antioxidants, indicators and biotech based solutions.

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Cosmetics Solutions

Active ingredients and delivery systems from upcycling and biotechnologies:
probiotics, enzymes and active principles for cosmetic and cosmeceutical applications.

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Carbon Capture Materials

Active materials for CO2 capture and/or sequestration:
including adsorbers, biomaterials and biotech based solutions.


Sensing & Functional Materials

Materials with sensing capabilities and advanced functional properties
including 2D metamaterials, green and bio-based solutions.

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Advanced Membranes

Polymeric based mixed-matrix membranes
for H2 production, fuelcells, CO2 separation, medtech, water and air purification.

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The Program

RedZone sustains value creation through a real open cooperation between SAES and the start-ups with a 1-year tailored program comprising unique benefits.

Learn more
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Open Labs access

400 hours with the support of SAES researcher and technicians.

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30 hours consultancy on legal, patenting, design, technology.

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Up to 105.000€ to be invested in the project.

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On call continuous mentoring with our experts.

What we’re looking for

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Innovative solutions

Based on Advanced Materials or their application. Patented or to be patented. Knowledge intensive.

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Early stage startup

Pre Seed / Seed Stage. Initial Market Traction. TRL 3 to 6.

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A valuable business idea

Solving a real customer problem, in a growing market, with a scalable and sustainable business model.

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Europe based

Startups located in all Europe and constituted as Limited Companies.

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Fit with our Innovation Areas

Projects and solutions with high synergy with the current call verticals.

How to Apply

Interested in participating? Let us know who you are, how your innovation will change the World and what are you looking for in the next year.

Apply here
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