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On the edge of innovation

Cutting-edge technology in all its forms: from advanced materials to the finished product.

SAES is an advanced functional materials group. Internally, it conceives and produces new families and new compounds of "functional" materials, that is, materials bearing special characteristics which find their application in a variety of areas such as consumer electronics, domotics, automotive, particle accelerators, gas purification and other new frontiers yet to be discovered.

The unique expertise of Saes in the field of materials science translates into the radically innovative activity carried out by the R&D department: the beating heart of the company’s core strategy. In this way Saes guarantees its present and future, building its market territory industry after industry by means of a fundamental asset: technology diversification, which maintains and reinforces historic technologies while developing new core businesses such as that of Shape Memory Alloys and Functional Chemicals.

For this reason, all the processes, discoveries and inventions are able to adapt to the technologies and needs of every market, ensuring the company’s short and long-term stability. Today, Saes is present in Europe, in Asia and in the U.S. with the "sales & service locations" and "manufacturing locations".

For the past 70 years Saes has represented the pinnacle of advanced technology, embodying the role of both leader and pioneer. It looks to the future not only through the integration of innovative processes but by implementing a forward-thinking approach that seeks to explore previously unknown territories before settling into them.