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By leveraging on its experience in getter materials and polymer composites, SAES developed and is manufacturing a variety of gas scavengers in different formats and shapes to sorb moisture and other gases in different environment.

Since gases are in general chemically sorbed by SAES functional polymers, they  can not be released later on during normal operation of the devices. SAES materials are designed to be compatible with the manufacturing processes of the final devices where they are employed.


SAES offers the following  functional chemicals systems:

  • FUNCTIONAL COATINGS to control the internal atmosphere into various applications, from food to home&personal care, to nutraceutical and pharma packaging. 
  • DISPENSABLE GETTERS COMPOSITES in form of polymer matrices incorporating active gas scavengers that can be dispensed automatically over a large surface or in a limited space. In some cases, a thermal or UV curing process is necessary to consolidate the materials into a solid film.
  • ACTIVE FILLERS which fill the entire internal free volume of the device, integrating the getter function. Fillers can be in direct contact with the functional elements of the device, or with a buffer protective layer. Our active fillers can add many additional functions (e.g. mechanical flexibility, optical transparency, refractive index matching), while actively protecting the device from moisture, through their getter capability.
  • ACTIVE BARRIER SEALANTS for photovoltaic modules, organic electronics packages and other applications which require reduced or zero gas permeation across the sealing edge, where SAES proprietary technologies are combining the gas barrier function with the substrate sealant properties. Fully flexible active barrier sealants have been developed as well, targeting the emerging field of flexible electronics.