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At SAES Getters & Dispensers business unit we develop, design and integrate best in class getter and dispenser solutions, assuring our customers long lasting and high performance devices.

In order to improve and maintain the vacuum environment inside hermetically sealed devices, our  getters for vacuum devices can sorb all the active gasses, such as O2, H2, H2O, CO, CO2 and N2 by a chemical reaction under vacuum. Depending on the final applications and the production processes, different getter metal alloys and shapes have been developed, to fit all the possible technical requirements.

Whilst our selective getters are intended for applications where vacuum is not necessary, but full protection from specific gases is mandatory. These products are based on special alloys or polymer based formulations and adapt to a wide range of hermetically or semi-hermetically sealed devices.

Getter lids, active coatings, high barrier adhesives and alkali metal or mercury dispensers complete our vast product offering for electronics, optoelectronics, photonics, MEMS, vacuum systems, flexible and foldable devices and many other high tech application fields.

SAES Getters & Dispensers business unit can support all its customers in identifying the best getter, dispenser or barrier sealant solution, taking into account their system requirements and process constraints. We make use of our in-house analytical skills and scientific equipment to determine outgassing rates and residual gas compositions. Moreover, we can directly provide vacuum sealing of ceramic or metallic packages, including a getter system, as a complete device packaging service for our customers.

We place a high value on innovation, know-how, ethics and sustainability. These values are delivered in our products, services and business operations.