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Early NEG pumps, developed by SAES Getters in the 70s’,used mechanically compressed St 707® getter powder (Zr€V€Fe). The replacement in the 90s’of compressed getters with sintered getters (St 172®) was a major technological step forward. These 2 getter alloys became the benchmark in different UHV applications.

Now SAES is proud to present the new NEG pumps generation the CapaciTorr Z and NEXTorr Z pumps

These pumps use the new SAES sintered porous getter alloy ZAO® that optimizes  the NEG features in many aspects, such as:

1. Higher pumping speed per unit length compared with standard getter alloy.

2. Excellent pumping performances – due to the control of the sintered disks microstructure, pumping speed does not drop quickly but it is retained over a long time. Time between reactivations is much longer than for similar designs using compressed powder. This also means better ultimate vacuum and less frequent reactivations.

3. Low outgassing during activation – which means quicker activation, less gas load on the backing pumps, fast pump down, cleaner and better ultimate vacuum.

4. Excellent mechanical properties – sintered disks have marginal particle emission and robust structure.

5. Minimum use of getter material – lower outgassing, less power consumption, less radiative emission during activation/operation, with negligible thermal load on surrounding vessels.

Typical applications are in the field of particle and medical accelerators, colliders, LINAC, booster, synchrotron beamlines, electron microscopes, film deposition systems, surface science systems, cold atomic trap applications.