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Vacuum Science & Technology

Vacuum Science & Technology

Vacuum Science & Technology is the oldest and strongest technology owned by the SAES.

The role of SAES within the scientific and technical community involved in vacuum applications is well recognized.

Throughout its history SAES developed a huge competence in Vacuum Science and Technology, enabling the development of a variety of products directed towards small and very small vacuum systems, such as dewars and MEMS but also towards large and very large vacuum systems, such as ultra-high vacuum surface science tools and synchrotron radiation sources or particle accelerators.


SAES owns a strong competence in the design of ultra-high vacuum pumps,  a very strong competence in the characterization of materials under ultra-high vacuum conditions and a long-standing experience in designing and building proprietary high-vacuum manufacturing tools, ranging from thin film deposition tools to vacuum reactors.


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  • "A novel route to compact, high performance pumping in UHV-XHV vacuum systems" written by P. Manini,   A. Conte,  L. Viale,  A. Bonucci e L. Caruso (SAES Getters S.p.A.) - January  2013 - published by Elsevier;
  • "The Discrete Vacuum Packaging Reliability Issue in MEMS" written by L. Mauri,  E. Rizzi, M. Moraja and            M. Campaniello (SAES Getters S.p.A.) - September 2013 - (Abstract for EMPC 2013 event in Grenoble, France ).