B!POD’s Action Against Ocean Plastic Pollution

In 2023, B!POD took a significant step towards sustainability. It ceased the production of containers using traditional polypropylene (PP) and switched entirely to using OBP.

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SAES Getters | proced3

Procedural Design for Industrial Applications

Topological optimization is revolutionizing design approaches in various fields, from complex system engineering to architecture.

SAES Getters | 09

SAES Getters wins the ‘Red Dot Award’ with Project Nebula

“With Nebula, we wanted to push the technological part to the limit to reduce the size of the product.”

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Filippo Batavia and Ginevra Della Porta, reflections against food waste at the Wired Next Fest 2023

Leveraging the experience gained from the Nebula project, DesignHouse developed a new product from scratch in less than two years.

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Order in chaos: Industrial Design system based on nature’s behaviour

In nature, in every simple or complex system, there is a scale of iterations distributed over several levels.