About SAES Industrial

SAES Industrial’s mission is to develop extraordinary materials with exceptional performance and reliability for the world’s most significant industrial projects and companies. Our values include a commitment to being at the forefront of developing revolutionary technologies to solve complex problems in niche sectors. With decades of R&D expertise, we strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in advanced materials for industrial applications. We have established three poles of excellence with vertical expertise in shape memory alloy technology, getters and dispensers technology, and thermal management system for complex applications.

Shape Memory Alloys

SAES’ Shape Memory Alloy business originated from the combination of the group’s extensive knowledge in advanced metallurgy, developed over 60 years of experience in gettering, with the specialized expertise of research groups focused on the SMA actuators business. For the past two decades, SAES has been at the forefront of revitalizing the focus on SMA industrial applications, becoming a pioneer in this field. SAES has developed ultrapure alloys and set up sizable, quality-controlled SMA wires and springs production lines, establishing strategic partnerships for mass production of SMA actuators, and a comprehensive network of complementary companies around SMA materials, modeling, design, production testing, and sales. Our benchmark SmartFlex wires and springs for electrical and thermostatic actuators, are designed with an in-depth understanding of their transformation into highly efficient actuators and products.

SAES’ Shape Memory Alloys business unit provides cutting-edge SmartFlex trained wires and springs for electrical and thermostatic actuators, respectively. With over 15 years of experience, IATF certification, and redundant production capacity, we are the preferred choice for large volume SMA industrial applications. Our extensive expertise in SMA materials and design, positions us as a reliable partner for innovation and feasibility activities in this field. Our vertical integration, from melting to finished product, allows us to quickly develop and address non-standard products and requirements.

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Getters & Dispensers

SAES’ Getter & Dispenser business unit provides advanced solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our cutting-edge technology includes getters for vacuum devices, page getters, Alkali Metal Dispensers, Active Coatings, and Barrier Sealants. With over 70 years of experience in the field, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and services, from custom design to mass production. Our vertically integrated production process ensures the highest quality and the fastest time-to-market for our customers’ non-standard products and requirements. With our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, SAES is a trusted partner for all of your advanced materials needs.

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Thermal Management

SAES’ Thermal Management business unit offers advanced solutions for complex thermal challenges in various sectors, including microwaves and laser industry, avionics and defense, aerospace and semiconductor equipment. SAES leverages its extensive expertise in material science and engineering to develop and produce innovative thermal management systems, including advanced thermal interface materials, cold plates, and heat exchangers. SAES’ expertise in thermal management is further strengthened by its subsidiary, SpectraMat Inc., which operates in the same fields and allows for a comprehensive approach to solving thermal management challenges.

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