We are pioneering processes to unlock extraordinary properties within materials, starting from the invisible

At ResearchLabs we develop revolutionary platforms to functionalize matter at the micro and nanoscale. We push the boundaries of scientific exploration, leveraging our expertise in radical innovation to redefine what is possible. Our case studies exemplify the transformative power of our research, showcasing how we have revolutionized diverse industries with innovative solutions.


SAES Getters | EcoeFISHent


SAES is primarily focused on upscaling and production of biofilm barriers for food packaging within the framework of Work Package 4 (Plastics & Bioplastics circular system development & implementation). SAES is developing a suitable formulation based on raw materials deriving from fish industry waste that acts as a barrier active coating for packaging products. The aqueous formulation includes gelatin, natural plasticizers, crosslinkers, and dispersing agents. The development and testing of new water-based lacquers are conducted in batches ranging from 1 kg to 50 kg.

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SAES Getters | biodegradable-alloys

Biodegradable Alloys

Development of new alloys able to corrode gradually in vivo, with an appropriate host response elicited by released corrosion products, then dissolve completely upon fulfilling the mission to assist with tissue healing with no implant residues.


SAES Getters | Water-barrier-systems-for-high-density-cellulose

Water barrier systems for high density cellulose

The project aims to advance water barrier systems for high-density cellulose. We explore various approaches, including barrier coating applications and functionalization of cellulose fibers, to enhance their suitability for hermetic applications. By testing different methods, we strive to develop effective and efficient water barrier solutions for high-density cellulose materials.


SAES Getters | Nanosponges-for-Water-Capture

Nanosponges for Water Capture

PhD project in collaboration with the University of Pavia focused on “Nanosponges for Water Capture as Innovative Coatings for Sustainable and Green flexible devices”. We are currently investigating new adsorbing systems that can be integrated into encapsulation layouts for organic electronic devices.


SAES Getters | High-Temperature-SMA


Project for the development of new High-Temperature Shape Memory alloys that would open doors to numerous applications in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

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SAES Getters | nitinol-additive-manufacturing

Nitinol Additive Manufacturing

SAES has partnered with Politecnico di Milano to explore the utilization of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Nitinol fabrication. This project involves testing Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Laser Metal Wire Deposition (LMWD) techniques to create complex, customized, and variable-density Nitinol shapes. Through this collaboration, we aim to unlock the potential of AM technology in achieving intricate geometries and design freedom for Nitinol components.


SAES Getters | Advanced-ZAO-alloy-for-Nuclear-Fusion

Advanced ZAO alloy for Nuclear Fusion

SAES is developing an advanced sintered getter material for NEG pumps in nuclear fusion research. Effective management of regeneration times and thermal considerations is crucial for the feasibility of using the getter in projects like SPIDER and future installations in new (e.g., DTT) and existing machines (MAST, W7-X, etc.). SAES is addressing these challenges to enhance the getter material’s performance and efficiency in fusion reactors.


SAES Getters | Nanoporous-Crystalline-Polymers

Nanoporous Crystalline Polymers

SAES embarked on a collaborative project with the University of Salerno, led by Professor Guerra, to study the characteristics and performance of nanoporous polymers. The primary objective was to develop polymer films capable of exhibiting nanoporosity, enabling efficient hosting and controlled release of active molecules. These nanopores offer exciting opportunities for advanced applications in various fields, including drug delivery, catalysis, and sensor technologies.




As part of a European project, we have spearheaded the development of flexible organic photovoltaic modules with an exceptional 20-year lifetime. Our groundbreaking achievement lies in the creation of an ultra high barrier encapsulation system, surpassing existing state-of-the-art technologies. Through our innovative multilayer barrier design, we have successfully enhanced the longevity and reliability of these solar modules.


SAES Getters | Active-packaging-for-chocolate

Active packaging for chocolate

Our study investigated the degradation mechanisms of dark chocolate bars with hazelnut paste. Through comprehensive characterization analyses, we assessed porosity, polyphenols, fatty acids, Hesanal, dicarbonyl compounds, metabolic profile, and moisture content. Building on these findings, we developed an antioxidant solution to modify chocolate’s degradation and preserve natural flavors. By integrating this solution into flexible packaging, we aim to extend shelf life and enhance the sensory experience.