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SAES launches 4 Beehives to Promote Biodiversity and Sustainability

Lainate, May 20, 2024 – In celebration of World Bee Day, SAES Getters, a leader in material science and advanced technologies, has inaugurated four corporate beehives at its Lainate headquarters. This initiative, in collaboration with Apicoltura Urbana, an Italian company specializing in corporate beehive adoption, exemplifies SAES’s dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. By adopting these beehives, SAES is committed to protecting the environment and local ecosystems, promoting pollination, safeguarding bees, and actively supporting biodiversity.

The hives, situated in a specially prepared green area within the production site, will house approximately 240,000 bees. This area is fenced and equipped with informative boards and recycled plastic furnishings created by Idea Plast, a Lainate-based company that designs and produces recycled plastic products. These measures aim to educate employees and visitors about the essential role bees play in our ecosystem, including agriculture, wild plant reproduction, and honey production.

Expert beekeepers from Apicoltura Urbana will manage the care of the beehives, ensuring the bees’ well-being and overseeing honey collection.

“We are thrilled to launch this project in collaboration with Apicoltura Urbana,” said Massimo della Porta, President and Group CEO of SAES. “Biodiversity is a fundamental value we strive to preserve, and we are proud to contribute actively through our apiary. Installing these four beehives will help pollinate 120 million flowers daily and monitor air quality, enhancing the territory where we live and work.”

“We are pleased to support SAES in this significant project,” said Giuseppe Manno, Founder of Apicoltura Urbana. “Adopting corporate beehives not only protects the environment but also engages stakeholders with these critical issues and strengthens community ties.”

In addition to supporting biodiversity, this project allows SAES to harvest high-quality wildflower honey. At the end of the beekeeping season, between September and October, the honey produced will be collected and distributed to the company’s stakeholders.

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