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100 Italian entrepreneurs and managers chosen by Forbes

Ing. Massimo della Porta SAES GROUP_LOW.jpg

“Forbes has included Massimo della Porta in the “100 Italian entrepreneurs and managers who are leading their businesses with the foresight of the great leaders”. 

Massimo della Porta has proudly announced: ”This award is for all the employees of the Group that everyday pave the path to the future towards new challenges and successes, overcoming difficulties with courage and resolution.

It's also a pleasure for us that the same mention has been given to , one of the founder of Eureka! Fund and CEO of Kilometro Rosso and to Riccardo Procacci, CEO of Avio Aero and member of the Technology Advisory Board of Eureka.

SAES’ investment in Eureka! Fund is a reason of pride for the whole Group because it demonstrates once again that research and innovation are the core of our Company.

We are honored for this important acknowledgment, especially in these hard and uncertain times”.