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More than sixty years of experience contributed to the growth and consolidation of the SAES R&D know-how in metallurgical science and technology.

A deep knowledge of fundamentals in physical metallurgy, the understanding of the principles behind the gettering mechanisms, the possibility to simulate binary and ternary phase diagrams and the modeling of solidification processes has become of utmost importance in the design and screening of new formulations for a quicker selection of suitable alloys.


SAES have decades of experience and expertise in vacuum metallurgy (arc melting and vacuum induction melting) and powder metallurgy (milling technologies, sieving, powders classification and mixing, screen printing and sintering). In particular, by the available sintering technologies, processes under high vacuum or inert atmosphere and controlled conditions of temperature, time (traditional sintering) and pressure (hot uniaxial pressing and cold isostatic pressing) can be performed allowing to obtain either highly porous either full dense sintered bodies


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  •  "New alloy for improved mercury dosing in fluorescent lamps" written by   A. Corazza,  S.P. Giorgi, D.  Di Giampietro and G. Santella;
  •  "New Working Amalgams for fluorescent lamps" written by   A. Corazza,  V. Massaro and  S.P. Giorgi;
  • "Materials to Improve Performance of Discharge Lamps " written by   A. Corazza,  S.P. Giorgi and  V. Massaro - September/October 2012 - published by IEEE Industry Applications Society.