Filippo Batavia and Ginevra Della Porta, reflections against food waste at the Wired Next Fest 2023

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Leveraging the experience gained from the Nebula project, DesignHouse developed a new product from scratch in less than two years. Starting with a blank slate, Ginevra della Porta and Filippo Batavia launched the B!POD brand, featuring their first high-performance miniaturized vacuum device. This innovation covers everything from design to production and logistics, with a consistent focus on sustainability and science.

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The products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy, using a short-range supply chain. They enable the creation of a strong vacuum with a simple button press, significantly extending the preservation of all food types by creating a low-pressure environment where food ages much more slowly. A simple action, like pressing a button, can become an agent of change when repeated consistently by many people.

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The issue of food waste is a global problem; according to the Food Waste Index Report 2021, approximately 931 million tons of food were wasted in 2019, equating to about 17% of the total food available to the global population.

Of this, more than 11% is generated in consumer households, and these alarming figures seem to be increasing yearly, with estimates exceeding one billion tons by 2030. B!POD is introduced in this context, bringing the capabilities of professional-grade machines, typically as large as a microwave oven, into the palm of your hand.

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