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Develop the most advanced integrated systems and highest performing products

At SAES High Vacuum Division, our goal is to make a significant global impact by delivering cutting-edge vacuum systems based on innovative designs and functional materials. We work in close collaboration with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Our mission is to leverage our expertise in vacuum engineering, material science, instrumentation, and getter technology to address the innovation needs of our research and industrial customers. We strive to provide integrated and innovative solutions, products, and engineering support.

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A history defined by continuous innovation on the most technologically advanced high vacuum platforms

SAES High Vacuum is a leading provider of Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) pumps for high, ultra-high, and extreme vacuum applications. These pumps boast unparalleled performance in terms of pumping speed, cleanliness, compactness, power consumption, reliability, and quality. SAES High Vacuum has developed these pumps over many years of research and innovation in getter materials to meet the most demanding requirements of its customers.

In addition to NEG pumps, SAES High Vacuum offers vacuum chambers and components for research, such as the latest generation light sources, accelerators, and fusion experiments through its company SAES RIAL Vacuum. SAES High Vacuum, in collaboration with SAES company Cinel, also offers a full range of scientific instrumentation for synchrotrons and accelerators, including mirror chambers and monochromators, x-ray instruments, front-end components, beamline components, and complete turn-key beamlines.

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