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Particle Accelerator

ZAO offers unprecedented benefits for PPC applications

In various applications such as Particle Accelerator Systems and Large Vacuum Systems, ZAO NEG pumps and NEG coatings provide numerous benefits. Compared to other pumping technologies, they have a compact size and lightweight, which allows for a redesign of the layout of the vacuum system. Additionally, they do not interfere with the vacuum system and have extremely low magnetic permeability, which makes them ideal for applications that require minimal particle generation and no power consumption during operation. Furthermore, they do not cause any vibrations and have a high capacity and pumping speed for hydrogen isotopes and active gases.

The use of ZAO NEG sintered solutions has additional benefits, including their ability to function as process pumps during the bake-out and pump-down phases to efficiently remove desorbed gases. At the end of the bake-out and pump-down, they function as standard NEG solutions when the system is in ultra-high vacuum conditions.

Since 2015, SAES has been able to supply complete vacuum systems, including integrated pumping systems into vacuum chambers. As part of this service, SAES can design and produce vacuum chambers, evaluate the best pumping solution to achieve the target pressure, conduct specific vacuum tests to assess the vacuum evaluations, evaluate how often the NEG pumping solution must be reactivated, and assist users in developing the software to automatically reactivate the NEG solution.

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SAES offer advanced solutions for a wide range of applications

Our advanced materials are designed to meet unique demands, providing exceptional performance and reliability for advanced research and development, and have a wide range of applications in various fields.

  • Synchrotron light sources
  • Main ring
  • Insertion devices
  • Front end
  • RF (warm and superconducting) cavities
  • Monochromator and mirror chambers
  • Beamlines
  • End stations
  • Booster
  • Linac
  • High luminosity photocathodes electron sources
  • Free Electron Laser
  • Colliders
  • Rare Ion Beam Facility
  • Neutron Spallation Source
  • Cyclotrons
  • Medical accelerators (Linac, synchrotron and cyclotron layouts)
  • Gravitational Interferometers Detectors
  • Compact laser-based accelerators
  • Particle detectors
  • Linac for semiconductor photolithography