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Quantum Computing

SAES vacuum systems are essential for achieving accurate and reliable results

In the field of quantum science and quantum computing, clean and deep vacuum systems are essential for achieving accurate and reliable results. These ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems typically require base pressures in the range of 1E-10 – 1E-11 Torr or better. The purpose is to use lasers to slow down atoms/ions (single or clusters), trap them in a magnetic field (MOT chambers) and study their atomic transitions/oscillations/interactions for unveiling the mysteries of the quantum regime.

SAES systems allows researchers to explore the quantum regime and unlock new discoveries

Vacuum systems are widely used in the field of quantum science, quantum computing, quantum sensing, gravimeters, and time and frequency references, such as GPS and signal broadcasting. The technology allows researchers to explore the quantum regime and unlock new discoveries. In order to achieve the high-quality vacuum needed for quantum applications, the vacuum pumps used in these systems must have several key features.

First of all, they must have a high pumping speed for H2, the main gas in UHV. They must be compact solutions to allow installation on an optical bench, induced magnetic fields (static or gradients) must be reduced or absent to minimize interference with measurements and they must be clean and vibration-free pumps. SAES, thanks to the NEXTorr pumps widely adopted by the scientific community and thanks to the customized chambers created by SAES Rial Vacuum, supports researchers in exploring the mysteries of the quantum regime to pave the way for new discoveries and knowledge.

Unique Features of SAES Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) Pumps

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High Pumping Speed

In order to create a clean and deep vacuum for UHV systems used in quantum science and computing, it is necessary to have a high pumping speed for H2.

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Minimal Magnetic Field

In quantum experiments, magnetic fields can interfere with the atomic transitions and interactions being studied. Therefore, it is important to have pumps with reduced or absent magnetic fields (static or B gradients). SAES NEG pumps have negligible residual magnetic fields, minimizing any unwanted detrimental interferences on the measurements.

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Compact & Lightweight Design

For the installation of vacuum systems on a bench or in a small laboratory, compact and light pumps are necessary. SAES NEG pumps are lightweight and easy to handle and install, making them ideal for these types of applications.

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Vibrations can interfere with the delicate measurements taking place in quantum experiments, so pumps that are vibration-free are essential. SAES NEG pumps are oil-free and vibration-free, making them ideal for clean systems where contamination and mechanical disturbance are an issue.

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Clean Environment

In UHV systems, it is important to maintain a clean vacuum environment to avoid any contamination that could interfere with the measurements. SAES NEG pumps are based on sintered disks, which provide an oil-free and particle-free pumping solution, ensuring a clean vacuum environment.