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SAES pervasive presence in the transportation industry

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials and devices are a perfect fit for the evolving automotive industry, aligning with the goals of weight reduction and increased power while offering additional functionalities through the exceptional power density of SMAs. As the market transitions to electric and hybrid vehicles, the properties of SMA materials become even more advantageous. Notably, SMA materials are EMI neutral and can be seamlessly integrated into confined spaces, providing further benefits.

Utilizing thin SmartFlex wires, SMA technology enhances microactuators, comfort seating, haptic systems, and electronic door closures, among others. SmartFlex springs optimize engine thermal management in oil circuits, engine compartments, and battery packs. For fatigue-rated applications, Clean Melt wires are available. Although SMA solutions have been established in the industry for decades, their full potential remains largely untapped.