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SAES silently present under the skin of Smartphone

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials have become integral to the advancement of smartphone technology, facilitating miniaturization, reduced power consumption, elimination of electromagnetic emissions, and improved performance in camera systems.

SMA-based solutions have consistently dominated the rankings in the camera compartment for years, offering superior capabilities. This technological breakthrough also brings reduced complexity and lower costs. SmartFlex wires in the range of 20 to 50 microns are ideally suited for these applications.

To enable seamless integration into autofocus (AF) or optical image stabilizer (OIS) microactuators, a special electrical insulating coating is applied to SmartFlex wires. Additionally, SmartFlex thin wires can be utilized to integrate microlocking/release actuators, haptic feedback, and taptic functions, harnessing the unique properties of SMA materials. For fatigue-rated applications, Clean Melt wires are available.