Getters & Dispensers

Advanced solutions for industrial applications including getters, dispensers, and active coatings.

Getters for Vacuum Devices

Our getter materials are designed to improve and maintain the vacuum environment inside hermetically sealed devices. These materials are capable of sorbing all the active gasses, including O2, H2O, CO, CO2, H2 and N2, through a chemical reaction under vacuum conditions. We have developed different getter metal alloys and shapes to fit all possible technical requirements for different applications and production processes.

Non Evaporable Getters (NEG)

NEG is a general category of getters covering pills, strips, passively and actively heated getters, with different degree of porosity and sorption performance, available in a broad variety of design and functions.

Getter Films (Page® Technology)

Page consists of a few-microns thick getter film that can be deposited on different substrates and in a variety of patterns, to deliver long-term vacuum stability and device reliability.

Selective Getters

We specialize in developing getters that selectively sorb gas species inside devices, even at very low partial pressures. Our getters are intended for applications where vacuum is not necessary, but full protection from specific gases is mandatory. Depending on the specific device and processing needs, we offer getters with slow, intermediate or fast sorption kinetics and that can be reversible or irreversible.

Hydrogen Getters

SAES hydrogen getters do not need thermal activation, are compatible with harsh environment and production processes and have large sorption capacity per unit of surface.

Dispensable Irreversible Getters

Dispensable getters offer maximum freedom in the dimensioning of the getter volume, according to the specific sorption capacity needed. Irreversible getters do not need any thermal activation process.

Active Coatings and Barrier Sealants

We aim to fully protect devices from the detrimental effects of moisture or oxygen by providing materials with high barrier properties and sorption capacity, as well as specific mechanical and physical properties tailored to the application. Our products can be transparent or fully flexible and are processable either in air or controlled atmosphere by ink-jet, syringe, slot-die, or hot melt deposition, depending on the final device needs and configurations.

AqvaDry (Transparent Active Coatings)

AqvaDry is a family of curable, dispensable and optically transparent acrylic based dryers, designed for top emission, organic electronics devices. This family is suitable for both rigid and flexible or bendable devices.

Active Barrier Adhesives

Actiive Barrier Adhesives are dispensable sealant formulations, coupling low Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) with the getter function, to extend the device breakthrough time.

H-Dry (hot melt sealant)

H-Dry is a hot melt barrier sealant, consisting of a polyolefin matrix and a moisture getter (in its black version). Its low Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) and sorption capacity can extend the lifetime of big device modules.

Getter Lids and Preforms

We offer customized and mass-produced getter lids and preforms for device packaging to selectively sorb gas species inside the devices, even at very low partial pressures. These getters are ideal for applications where vacuum is not necessary, but full protection from specific gases is mandatory. Our plug-in solutions are customizable and manufactured according to our customers’ design, ensuring the best fit for their specific device needs and configurations.

Reversible Getter Lids

Reversible getter lids are manufactured according to our customers’ lid design and using our ZeDry getters for the coating, whose thickness and surface area are determined by the total getter capacity needed by the specific design.

Getter Preforms

Getter preforms are three-dimensional getter elements, designed to be hosted in specific device mounts. This tailor made, plug-in solution, allows an easy assembly and a total compatibility with the  device.


We design and produce a wide range of dispensers that provide the necessary dose of metal vapors to increase or enable the performance of various devices. Our team has developed different types of dispensers that take into account both the manufacturing process and the final device constraints.

AMD (Alkali Metal Dispensers)

AMDs offer an efficient and safe method of depositing ultrapure alkali metals such as Cesium, Potassium, Sodium, Rubidium and Lithium. AMDs keep the alkali metal pure in the form of a stable salt combine with a getter material.

HGD (Mercury Dispensers)

HGDs based on SAES Ti-Hg compounds are available in different configurations and provide accurate delivery of Hg, minimizing Hg pollution risks and improving lamp performances.