Shape Memory Alloys

Designs and develops products using nitinol for various applications including automotive, microelectronics, luxury, and aerospace.

Smartflex Wires

SmartFlex Shape Memory Alloy wires: versatile range (20-500 microns), customized diameters, high stability, and fatigue resistance. Operating stress (50-400MPa), forces (0.1-40N), and strain conditions (1-5%).

Smartflex Springs

SmartFlex Shape Memory Alloy springs: customized for operating conditions (temp, force, stroke), forces (5-100N), stroke (2-10mm). Utilize NiTi and NiTiCu alloys (-25C to +95C).

Smartflex Microsprings

SmartFlex Shape Memory Alloy microsprings: ideal for compact electrical actuators, offer 5x travel compared to standard wires. OD (0.5-1.5mm), forces (0.25-5N), stroke (4-20mm). Suitable for tiny thermal switches.

Torsion Wires

Revolutionizing thermostatic actuators with unique fluidodynamic applications. Utilize rotational movement for precise fluid control. Dramatically reduce required forces for miniaturization and cost advantages. High torque generation in response to thermal stimulus. Utilize NiTi and NiTiCu alloys (-25°C to +95°C).

Smartflex Shaped Components

Superelastic formulations of Nitinol can be exploited in Industrial applications leveraging their unique mechanical behavior. Parts can be shaped, endure deformation, and effortlessly return to their original form. Ideal for damping, reinforcement, and shape recovery.