Thermal Management & Cathodes

SAES’ subsidiary Spectra-Mat, Inc specializes in dispenser cathodes and thermal management material.


Our indirectly heated cathodes are foundation in microwave devices and x-ray tubes.  Serving the entire microwave market from small terahertz devices to large klystrons and specialty MBKs and other gun types, our cathode can be found in every aspect of society – medicine, space, defense, communications, electronic inspection, and providing cutting edge technology in US national labs.

Our hollow cathodes are currently being installed in multiple low earth orbit systems. The patented directly heated cathode developed by us has been the mainstay of noble gas lasers for five decades.  These are renown for their robustness and longevity, often outlasting the gas reservoir itself.  For further details, visit the Spectra-Mat brand website at

Thermal Management

The CTE of our copper tungsten and molybdenum copper heat spreaders is constant across the room temperature past the solder melting temperature range.  Furthermore, our products have consistent and equal thermal conductivity in all x-y-z directions.  These characteristics are due to our unique processing method of infiltrating copper in a highly homogeneous sintered tungsten matrix.

Along with our superior material quality and performance, we pride ourselves on our machining capabilities, satisfying customers who have demanding or challenging specifications such as sharp edges or rather tight tolerances.

As we operate on a customized design basis, we look forward to satisfying your design needs and desires.  Please visit us  at