About SAES Advanced Packaging

SAES Advanced Packaging is an embodiment of unwavering dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions. Our cornerstone? Producing materials that don’t just wrap, but work in harmony with the world’s sustainability vision. As the industrial realm steers towards a circular economy, we position ourselves as architects, meticulously designing packaging solutions that both preserve product integrity and champion end-of-life reusability. Our legacy, grounded in decades of materials expertise, equips us to tackle the intricate challenge of waste minimization without compromising ion performance.

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Circular economy for packaging

The future of packaging is not on the distant horizon—it’s already unfolding. As champions of this evolution, we discern a paradigm shift where packaging transcends its traditional boundaries. It’s no longer just about protection and preservation; it’s about integrating advanced technologies to augment these classical roles. Packaging, in our vision, metamorphoses into a sophisticated, high-tech product, acting as a linchpin in the positive loop of waste reduction without compromising on core functionality.

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The transition is already happening

Change is omnipresent, but navigating its currents requires expertise and foresight. Our mission, imbued with SAES’ rich legacy in advanced materials and technologies, is to be the beacon for the packaging industry amidst these transformative times. We’re here not just to witness the change but to shape it. By leveraging our profound scientific acumen and innovation-driven approach, we aim to equip the world with packaging that’s both highly functional and unimpeachably sustainable, making the transition seamless and swift.

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Packaging solutions don’t just meet but set industry benchmarks

In the heart of modern packaging lies eco-design—a holistic approach that rethinks how we use materials, aiming to align with both sustainability and renewability criteria. Driven by consumer demands and accelerated by today’s technological innovations, eco-design not only prioritizes environmental responsibility but also ensures that the essence of packaging—its core functionalities—isn’t compromised. From transportability and storage to product information and marketing, eco-design ensures every aspect is catered to, all while safeguarding our planet.