R&D support for the development of tailored solutions

SAES Packaging offers R&D support for the development of tailored solutions for both special and standard applications.

SAES Getters | saes-packaging-labs

Industrial partnership

Distinguished by an industrial oriented approach: SAES Packaging offers the possibility to build partnerships for tailored product development in specialized applications.

SAES Getters | pilot-line

Roll-to-roll pilot line service

The SAES R2R coater pilot line can apply water-based, solvent-free and solvent-based formulations onto various substrates, including paper and biodegradable films.

With two coating stations, it boasts versatile printing capabilities such as gravure, flexo, and slot die. Complemented by hot air dryers, IR-lamps, and a UV-lamp array, these technologies ensure precise material drying and polymerization. The addition of an all-inclusive dry and wet lamination facility guarantees impeccable final product finishing.

Analytical service

SAES Packaging Lab is designed for comprehensive testing of various materials; from raw materials to laminated structures and final products. Our facilities are capable of assessing thermal-mechanical attributes, surface properties, physico-chemical features, gas barrier capabilities, and more.

SAES Getters | Structure-Analysis-of-multilayer-Materials

Structure analysis of multilayer materials by optical and electronic microscopy

SAES Getters | Material-Permeabilimetry-and-barrier

Material permeabilimetry and barrier assessment towards various gas such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture

SAES Getters | Control-and-characterisation

Characterization of the structure and composition of polymers by thermal analysis (DSC-TGA-MS) or by spectroscopic approach via FTIR and micro-RAMAN

SAES Getters | Complete-characterisation-of-mechanical-bulk

Complete characterization of mechanical bulk properties thanks to dynamometry and dynamic-mechanical analysis

SAES Getters | Surface-analysis

Surface analysis thanks to Profilometry, Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation

SAES Getters | Simulate-welding-process

Simulate welding & tacking process and related failure analysis and packaging anomalies

SAES Getters | VOC-analysis

VOC analysis and MAP characterization by Dansensor® & HS-GCMS

SAES Getters | Accelerated-ageing-test

Accelerated ageing test with climate chambers and cold room

SAES Getters | Full-rheological-characterization

Full rheological characterization of inks/varnishes, formulations and pastes

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