Red is the color of SAES, red passion for innovation.

At RedZone we dream of a future where advanced materials sustain human society, life and the planet.

For 80 years we have led innovation in materials science, enabling the uprising of great inventions like radio, TV, lamps, displays, particle accelerators, medical devices, electronics and packaging. SAES is the partner to walk side by side in the journey of startups willing to harness the potential of advanced materials.

We want to transform science into meaningful innovations, accelerating ideas from labs to market, and shaping the world of tomorrow with you.

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Ginevra della Porta

Program Manager

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Andrea Cadelli

Ventures Manager

SAES Getters | team-lara-ferruccio

Lara Ferruccio

Communication Coordinator

SAES Getters | team-andrea-conte

Andrea Conte


SAES Getters | team-corrado-carretti

Corrado Carretti


SAES Getters | team-giorgio-macchi

Giorgio Macchi

OpenLab Manager

SAES Getters | team-marco-mudu

Marco Mudu

Lab Technician

SAES Getters | team-roberto-caretti

Roberto Caretti

Lab Technician

SAES Getters | lab-technician-redzone

Cinzia Rainoldi

Lab Technician


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