Open Labs: The heart of SAES Research Laboratories.

The Open Labs are the playground where startups ideate, develop and characterize innovative solutions based on materials science and chemistry.


Laboratories surface


Core technologies


Scale-up pilot lines

40 +

Characterization instruments

30 +


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Laboratory Equipment

Exclusive access to

Pilot lines

RedZone provides the access to five Industrial Pilot Lines to test MVP scalability and feasibility:

  • Membrane Emulsification Plant
  • Freeze Drying System
  • Formulations Mixing Reactors
  • Emulsification System for Capsules
  • Roll-To-Roll Multi-Station Coater and Lamination Line

Characterization Lab

The Open Lab is supported by a fully equipped environment to perform analyses on samples and materials.

  • Chemical Characterization
  • Physical Characterization
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Functional Analyses


Easily manage your business from SAES while running your experiments. We offer office space for 4 people, connectivity, access to open spaces, water&coffee, canteen and private parking.