ZeoSAES™ Texturizer


A new purity level

Provides a silky effect and creamy texture to formulations, enabling sensorial easy application, fast absorption and increased color payoff. Additionally, ZeoSAES™ Texturizer is differing from other ZeoSAES™ fillers for the highest oil sorption capacity, around 3 times more.

An ideal alternative for silica and microplastics in skincare and make up formulations.

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  • Zeolite


  • Engineered Zeolite


  • Fine powder Non-Nano
  • X90 volume distribution: <30 μm
  • Cumulative particle numberdistribution >0.1 μm: >99.99%


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Ideal alternative to microplastics and silica

The advanced X90 particle distribution control for grain size reproducibility, allows an ideal alternative to silica and microplastics.

*No size and shape modification due to oil absorption

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Color payoff

Compared to bench formulation with silica.
SAES internal method through UV-Vis spectrometer.

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stated an
Extra silky touch

Compared to bench formulation with starch.
*Internal panel of 20 women (25 – 55 years old).

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5X6010 ZeoSAES™ Texturizer – Material Safety Data Sheets

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5X6010 ZeoSAES™ Texturizer – Product Brochure

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