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SAES Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) pumps are widely used in universities and research centers across the globe due to their diverse application needs in vacuum-related experiments. These pumps are an integral part of various experiments and applications, such as surface science equipment, atom and ion cooling and trapping systems, noble gases spectroscopy, and transportation of samples under vacuum.

Compared to other pumping solutions, NEG pumps offer unique features that cater to the requirements of scientists, such as high pumping speed in a compact solution, effective removal of active gases for achieving the lowest pressures, no power consumption during operation, oil-free and vibration-free functioning, no residual magnetic field, lightweight and easy to handle, and maintenance-free.

SAES NEG pumps have found their place in a wide range of applied research fields globally, such as atom and ion cooling and trapping systems for quantum computing and simulation, quantum sensing, gravimeters, time, and frequency references.

They are also commonly used in surface science equipment, like ARPES, SPM, XPS, LEEM/PEEM, etc., and vacuum suitcase for easy and clean transportation of samples under deep vacuum. Moreover, these pumps are used in sample purification and Ar dating equipment, leveraging their unique ability to remove inert gases.

Unique Features of SAES Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) Pumps

SAES Getters | High-Pumping-Speed-1

High Pumping Speed

SAES NEG pumps offer a high pumping speed in a compact size, making them suitable for use in small systems or enabling re-design for optimal space utilization.

SAES Getters | Effective-Removal

Effective Removal

These pumps effectively remove H2 and active gases, ensuring the lowest possible pressures for improved measurement quality and fidelity.

SAES Getters | Minimal-Power-Consumption

Minimal Power Consumption

SAES NEG pumps require minimal power to maintain base pressure, making them ideal for situations where power shortages may occur.

SAES Getters | Vibration-free


These pumps are oil-free and vibration-free, making them well-suited for clean systems where contamination and mechanical disturbances are concerns.

SAES Getters | Minimal-Magnetic-Field-1

Minimal Magnetic Field

The negligible residual magnetic field produced by these pumps minimizes unwanted detrimental interferences on the measurements.

SAES Getters | Compact-Lightweight-Design

Compact & Lightweight Design

SAES NEG pumps are easy to handle and install due to their compact and lightweight design.

SAES Getters | Maintenance-free


Once installed, these pumps require no maintenance, saving time and resources in research settings.