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Electron Microscopy

SAES pumps offer unprecedented benefits for Electron Microscopy

SAES pumps allow to obtain better vacuum in the gun chamber of electron microscopes, helping to significantly improve their performance. Notably, in one instance, the high-resolution image obtained by a TEM contributed to the development of an mRNA vaccine against Covid-19.

SAES Getters | HIGH-VACUUM_Applicatons_Electronic-Microscope_2_1920

Innovative technologies for exceptional results

SAES Getters | Compact-Lightweight-Design

Compact & Lightweight Design

Only 2.2 Kg pump weight, reducing vibrations and making it easy to handle and install.


SAES Getters | High-Pumping-Speed-1

High Pumping Speed

High pumping rate for H2 and active gas species, leading to lower pressure and longer e-source lifetime.

SAES Getters | Minimal-Power-Consumption

Pumping Without Power

SAES NEG pumps keep pumping without power, enabling manufacturers to transport the microscopes in vacuum without any batteries.

The ultimate benefit is faster system installation, being not necessary to repeat the bake at the end user site.

A further appreciated benefit is the quick recovery in case of power failure.