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OEM Applications

SAES pumps offer unique features and benefits

SAES high vacuum pumps offer a unique set of features and benefits that make them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. These pumps are typically integrated by manufacturers of analytical instrumentation.

The applications that benefit from SAES pumps are varied and include electron microscopy and e-beam inspection tools, e-beam lithography tools, mass spectrometers, portable instrumentation, quantum computing, surface science equipment, MBE and thin film deposition systems, X-ray tubes, and aerospace systems.

When integrated into these tools, SAES pumps can enhance their features and performance.

SAES provides both solutions and support

SAES provides strong support for the optimization of vacuum systems, including the choice  of the most suitable pump model and the best installation layout to reach the desired vacuum target in new projected systems. Customized developments are also available to meet specific application needs.

Thanks to the company’s application-oriented development labs, which are capable of vacuum and thermal simulations, SAES is a technical partner in vacuum science, continuously fueling the innovation process and building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with key industrial accounts.