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Surface Science

SAES pumps plays a crucial role to achieve high-quality measurements

Surface Science Equipment is an important tool for studying physical and chemical phenomena and properties at the interface of different phases, such as solid-liquid, solid-gas, and solid-vacuum interfaces. These systems require a clean and deep vacuum, depending on the technique used such as ARPES, SPM, XPS, LEEM/PEEM, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, etc., the base pressures can vary, typical ranges are 1E-9 – 1E-11 Torr, and may be used for basic research, semiconductor studies, exotic material research, fuel cell development, and more.

To achieve high-quality measurements, Surface Science Equipment requires pumps that provide high pumping speed for H2, mainly for achieving deep and clean UHV conditions, as well as absence of vibrations, reduced or absent magnetic fields (static or B gradients), and clean pumps (sintered) to minimize detrimental interferences on the measurements.

CapaciTorr Z pumps, coupled with existing pumping solutions like TMPs, SIPs, or Cryo Pumps already running in the system, are a popular choice for Surface Science Equipment. However, NEXTorr Z pumps, such as the NEXTorr Z500, Z1000, or Z2000, are ideal for replacing bulkier pumps. With these features, Surface Science Equipment can advance research in a variety of fields, contributing to a better understanding of physical and chemical phenomena at interfaces.

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Unique Features of SAES Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) Pumps

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High Pumping Speed

High pumping speed for H2 is essential for achieving deep and clean UHV conditions, ensuring that the system is free from unwanted contaminants and impurities that could interfere with the measurements.

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Absence of vibrations is crucial in Surface Science Equipment as any mechanical disturbance can affect the precision and accuracy of the measurements.

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Minimal Magnetic Field

Reduced or absent magnetic fields (static or B gradients) are also necessary to minimize any detrimental interferences on the measurements, allowing for accurate and reliable data to be collected.

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Clean Environment

Clean pumps (sintered) are a plus for any UHV system, especially in Surface Science Equipment, as they prevent any contamination from the pump oil or other materials that could interfere with the measurements.